We live in a very loud and crowded world. The people you are trying to reach are inundated by a never-ending torrent of marketing messages.

How can you break-through?
How can you make a connection?
How can you persuade that person you must reach to take action?

The answer: First, you must grab attention.

Photo by Wade Iedema/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Wade Iedema/iStock / Getty Images

Do you need a good copywriter?  

For many, writing isn’t easy or fun. For some, writing is a form of punishment! But for me, it's a labor of love. (OK, that's not true. It's how I make my living.)

I’m Jason Meeker, and I'm a freelance writer with expertise in writing copy and content that sells, persuades, and informs. Sometimes it even entertains readers.

I specialize in helping ad agencies, PR shops, web development firms, and corporate marketing departments.

Got a hot project with a fast turnaround? Need new website content? Just need an editor? Don't sweat it. Call me. My rates are very fair, and I come highly recommended.

What do you need help writing? 

I write it all.

I write effective press releases. Let me help you tell your story in a way that increases your credibility, helps improve your search engine rankings, and gets coverage.

I write blogs and all kinds of content. Is your content engaging and generating leads? If not, let's improve your content.

My copywriting expertise can help you by taking your key messages and putting them to work in copy that provides a clear call to action.

Let's get started, so you can lure more prospects, convert them into leads, and turn them into customers.

Call me at 512-773-4332 or drop me a line.


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